random thoughts for august '16


i'm alright on my own...
and then i met you

i can't help but blame it on fate or whatever you name the thing that ties people's lives together after years of being apart, late at night in the corner of a street during a gathering none of us was really supposed to be. 

there i was and so were you.
you talked to me and i tried to play it cool, even though i knew how it would all end up since the moment you said my name. later on, my eyes wandered enough to see you in the distance but not enough for you to notice. who would've thought people still play hide and seek after they grow up, right? well, they do. 

suddenly, you were standing close to me while i drank cheap white wine from a bottle and discussed modern behavior in relationships with my friends. i stared at you and you made your move; we got caught up into our own little world without me even noticing it. you talked about your life in a new city, i told you about my plans for the future which were really just some random ideas and there you were, putting your faith in me more than i do myself. finally, you held me in your arms and slowly things started to make some sense.

you were never like the rest of them.
i should've known this years ago but still, you made sure this time i'd get it and i did. 

i realized that when you held my hand across the table a week later on our first date. my body also knew that in the shiver running down my spine because of such a simple, innocent gesture. and then again when your lips touched mine with a smile while i was ranting about something related to music or really just that one moment of perfect silence we shared under the stars.

it's just different.
i catch myself daydreaming.
i catch myself missing you all the time.
and that's how i know it's real: you show me how you miss me too.

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